Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Just here to drop a little news on your head, I think you're going to enjoy it.


Yea, you heard correct.  From now until Christmas I will be offering free shipping if you enter the coupon code "HOLIDAY" when you check out.  Just in time for you to buy Dead Ink Apparel T-shirts for everyone you know for Christmas.  


I've been hard at work collecting and creating new designs…and you are going to absolutely love them.  I'm working with some really great artists, and I feel all giddy when I see my ideas drawn by someone else.  I can't wait.  


I have been notified on several occasions that things weren't working properly on the site, most importantly, the checkout cart.  The only way I will know if something isn't working is if you let me know.  I don't often order from myself.  If you couldn't tell, I'm not real good with websites and fixes.  My graphic design degree didn't come with webskillz unfortunately.  justin@deadinkapparel.com


Since a lot of people seem to really like the Dead Ink Logo shirts I recently started offering them in any color you'd like.  I'm cutting out the middle man and printing them myself so I'm able to charge a lot less for them.  I am printing them on demand so if you'd like it printed on a color that you don't see, just e-mail me and let me know what color you'd like.