Hey everyone, 

First, I need to thank everyone who came out and supported Dead Ink for the 4 year anniversary party.  It was a blast and the show went great… not without a hitch though…

The two main bands that were scheduled to performed withdrew from the show on me.  One band gave me about 2 weeks notice and the other gave me about 23 hours notice.  It is what it is, I have no hard feelings, but after getting posters and tickets printed with these bands named plastered all over the place it's just a bummer.  I am not a promoter, nor do I plan on being one.  I do an anniversary show every year (I also did an extra spring show last year) and that's really about all that I can handle.  I don't know how promoters do it.

Anyhow, my good friend Sam from Sam Goodwill filled in for one of the bands and he also helped me get Anthonie Tonnon, a singer songwriter from New Zealand, to jump on the show.  They were both fantastic and with the remaining original roster of DJ Trap Static and Down 2 Earth the show went great.  

Another recap along with all the photos taken by Melanie Rae that night are available on Facebook HERE.


I will also be vending at the Youngstown Zombie Crawl on Saturday from 11-7 at the B+O Station.  Come down, get painted up like a zombie, carve some pumpkins and more.  After that, crawl the town and drink some beers!