WE ARE BACK OPEN! (sort of)

Hey guys!  Long time no talk.  If you are just joining me, here's a little recap to bring you up to speed.  In July I made a move from Ohio to Nevada.  I loaded as much of my belongings as I could into my car and took off.  Unfortunately, that left me with no room to bring any of my remaining inventory, so I just decided to close down the webstore until further notice.  

The webstore is finally back open, but I only have some pins and a wristband pack currently for sale.  

New products and ideas are currently in the works, Dead Ink will be back soon.  Keep your eyes peeled!


Thank you all so much for the support!  I sold tons of shirts over the last two weeks and I couldn't appreciate you more.  I will be leaving for my 33 hour move to Nevada on Monday.  Once I get settled in I plan on buying some brand new equipment so that I can get right back into designing some new merch.  Expect my return in early 2018.  Until then, find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates as they come.  See you all soon enough!




All t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops are currently on sale.  All t-shirts are $10, hoodies are $20 and tanks are $10.  There is a minor upcharge for 2X and 3X sizes.

I am about to make a cross country move from Ohio to Nevada, so I am attempting to get rid of as much inventory as possible.  This sale will run until Friday July 14th at which time the store will be closed for the rest of the year.  So if there is anything you've always wanted to pick up, it's your last chance!





New Ink Drop (Swish) Tee

I am releasing a brand new Ink Drop logo shirt.  It is currently up for pre-order at this time.  If you'd like XS, S, or 3X you MUST preorder.  I will not be ordering those sizes if I do not have any preorders.  Due to the holiday I will be putting the order in Tuesday and hopefully I can have the shirts by the end of the week (just in time for the finals).   


Preorder now!



Holy crap, I really haven't posted on this site since last year!?  That's not real good.  But hey, here's some news anyway.

Dead Ink Apparel has released our first ever limited edition enamel pin!  


This is the Demonized enamel pin!  Limited to 100 pieces with hand numbered packaging!  It was released yesterday on May 21st at noon.  They are selling rather quickly, so if you'd like to own one of our first pins, act fast!  

BUY ONE NOW!  http://deadinkapparel.storenvy.com/products/20090585-demonized-enamel-pin



Thanks to everyone who got on and ordered yesterday!

Celebrate 5 years of Dead Ink Apparel on OCT 22ND!

5 years have come and gone and I'm still here!  It's been a long hard road (out of hell) but I wouldn't trade it in for anything (except for maybe a million dollars).  I'm fairly certain this is my last event for the year.  This will be the 5th event I have held at Cedars West End, and I'm looking to pack the place from front to back and from floor to ceiling.  I have 4 great acts performing this year.  Our headliner RATM2 (Rage Against the Machine done right!) will be making their 3rd appearance at a Dead Ink party.  If you are a fan of Rage, you won't want to miss this, these guys have been touring all over the U.S. spreading the RAGE.  Next up, The Nightbeast.  These guys are THE party band.  That's pretty much all I gotta say.  They are going to make you jump up and down, side to side, levitate, spin your head in circles, and possible crap your pants.  My friends in the rap group Down 2 Earth will be making their second appearance at a Dead Ink show.  Last year they had the crowd thumping so hard that the floor was shaking.  I saw on the news that they measured a 4.5 disturbance on the richter scale coming from Steel Street in Youngstown at approximately the same time that Down 2 Earth hit the stage.  Last but not least, my friends in The Replacement Killaz will be appearing for the second time to melt some microphones with the hot fire that they will be spitting.  You will not want to miss this show!

We will have a photo opportunity on the Dead Carpet where you can get some cool pictures taken from our photographer for free.  All photos will be posted to the facebook page following the event.

Did I mention that this will be our first COSTUME PARTY?  Come dressed up!  


Join the facebook event here!  https://www.facebook.com/events/192737117754325/

Saturday Oct 22nd at Cedars West End, 706 Steel Street, Youngstown, OH!

The web store will be closed from now until 9-12 due to HORROR!

Hello everyone!  Just to let you know, the web store will be down over the weekend while I vend Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis.  Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope to see you at the show!

Time to get WARPED on the Warped Tour!

In less than 6 hours I will be heading to Darien Center, NY for the Warped Tour stop at Darien Lake.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  Unfortunately, teh webstore will be closed until I return and re-inventory all of my products.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you are heading out to the Warped Tour, go ahead and print out this image for $5 off a t-shirt or hoodie at my booth!  Stop by and say hello!



The Cavs ended Cleveland’s Championship drought… so here’s 35% off!

Since I'm so excited that the Cleveland Cavaliers overcame insane odds to win the championship, I have decided to run a week long Cleveland Cavs 35% off sale!  Use the discount code "ALLIN216" and apply it to your order!  Happy shopping!

Buy one t-shirt get one free until June 13th!

T-shirts are buy one get one until Monday, June 13th.  Just add two shirts to your cart and the discount will automatically apply.