Oddmall, Warped Tour, Days of the Dead and more!

Hey everyone!

Just got back from a great weekend in Nashville at my first Walker Stalker Con.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by the table, even the people who asked me where other things were located in the convention.  

This year I am set to do more shows with Dead Ink than ever before.  I am super excited to re-visit some of my favorite shows and thrilled to try out some new ones.  If you haven't noticed, everytime I do a show the webstore is down for a few days due to the fact that I bring most of my inventory along with me when I travel.  Hopefully in the future I can come up with a solution to this problem, but until I find that solution I will most likely be closed online while I travel.

If you are wondering where you can find me, check this out:

April 30th – May 1st : ODDMALL: Emporium of the Weird (AKRON, OH)



*September 2nd-4th : DAYS OF THE DEAD (LOUISVILLE, KY)


*October 14th -16th: ROCK AND SHOCK (WORCESTER, MA)


*Days of the Dead, Horrorhound, and Rock and Shock are all tentative as I have not yet secured a booth.

I hope to see you at a future event!

Webstore closed this weekend and WALKER STALKER!

Hey everyone!

Just to let you know, the webstore will be down over the weekend while I am vending Walker Stalker in Nashville, TN.  I will have the store back up as soon as possible!  I will also have more vendor appearances and info for you when I get back!



The webstore will be down for the weekend!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but our webstore will be down for the weekend as I am traveling with my inventory to Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH.  I will try to have it back up as soon as possible… hope to see you this weekend!

St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt Update

This year I decided to design 2 shirts for St. Patrick's Day instead of my usual one.  I did a special presale for $10 t-shirts where the buyer had no idea what the shirt looked like and I just want to thank everyone who trusted that I was going to make something you'd like and bought the shirt.  So since there will be two designs this year, everyone who made that $10 purchase will get to select which shirt you want.  

I finally finished up one of the designs today, it is called "Skeleton March" and is a simple one-color design.  They will be printed on green shirts.  You can preorder them from now until February 14th at which time I will be putting them into production.


If you don't preorder before the cut-off, you may not be able to get one.  I will be selling them at an event on St. Patrick's Day, and whatever is leftover from the March events will end up on the website.  So if you want to be sure you have one, preorder now!  http://deadinkapparel.storenvy.com/products/15944934-skeleton-march


The second shirt is still in the works, it is called "Return of the King" and features the King of Clovers character featured on a past St. Patrick's Day design.  That design should be finished in a few days and will also be up for preorder.

Other than that, I'm getting ready for a busy convention season, and I am really excited for it.  I have more new shirts coming in the months to come, so keep an eye out!

$10 St. Patrick’s Day 2016 t-shirt pre-sale!

Hey everybody!

I decided to put this year's St. Patrick's Day t-shirt up for pre-sale.  I do not yet have a design ready for it, which is why you can get it right now for only $10!  Once the design is released, the shirt will return to its normal price of $20.  If you are a risk taker and want to save some money, pre-order yours now!  My previous St. Pat's designs have been Celtic Skull, King of Clovers, Whiskey Racer, and Fear No Beer.  

Click below to pre-order yours now!


Thank you!

I just wanted to thank all those who purchased shirts during the holiday sale.  Just to let you know, shirts are still buy two get one free!  All you have to do is add three shirts to your cart, and the discount will automatically apply itself.  New stuff is coming REAL soon.  I've been pretty busy researching and coming up with new ideas along with planning new trips and adventures with Dead Ink… keep your eyes peeled!


ALSO… a special sale is coming in a few days…


What you can expect in 2016…

Hey everyone!

If you haven't already noticed, I've been trying to keep up a little better with the website and all my social medias.  2015 is coming to an end, and I am gearing up for a really big year.  

If you follow my instagram or my personal Facebook page you may have seen sneak peeks the new logo, the Tridrop.  I can't really give a certain date yet at which time you will begin to see the transformation, but my first appearance of the year is scheduled for March.  A new re-designed website will be coming also.  It's going to be a lot of work, but the end result should be worth it.

Speaking of appearances, so far I am scheduled for Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH March 18th-20th and Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC March 25th-27th.  Of course on St. Patrick's Day I will be set up at O'Donold's Irish Pub in Austintown, OH with a brand new St. Patrick's Day design.  I have a lot of really cool ideas to do at my tables, with a lot of interactivity for customers.

The Dead Ink Apparel podcast is on its' way… I have been wanting to do a podcast for a long time, and it's finally going to come in 2016.  The idea behind the podcast is just going to be a group discussion on relevent topics allowing new guests/hosts to be a part of the show along with myself.  I will present more information on this as it comes closer… My pal Dave Mackey composed a really fantastic spooky theme for the show, I can't wait to let you hear it.

This year you will see the most designs I have ever released in one year.  I will also be introducing several new products so be prepared for that.

If you don't see a lot of info in the upcoming months, don't be scared, I'm not going anywhere… I'm just hard at work on the new Dead Ink Apparel!  



3 Shirts for $20!!!

The first 10 people to order two shirts will get one FREE!  That's 3 shirts for ONLY $20!  All you have to do is put three shirts in your cart and it will automatically discount.  After all ten people take advantage of this deal, the discount will no longer apply.  Get some Christmas presents for your family!  


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My thoughts on Krampus and why you should see it.


First and foremost, don't let the trailer deceive you.  Krampus is a horror/comedy, and COMEDY should be in bold letters.  I'm not really a fan of trailer deception, because a movie will lose me if I go into it expecting one genre and get another (Here's a bad example… Dude, Where's My Car.  I went in expecting a regular comedy and got a sci-fi extravaganza that totally lost me)  Now, Adam Scott and David Koechner star in Krampus, so I had already assumed that the movie would be a dark comedy, I just didn't know how much comedy I was in for.  Although there was a lot of comedy, the horror was real.  It was a real nice balance, and in my opinion, horror and comedy go hand in hand.  The fact that it never takes itself too seriously is what makes it fun.

If you were to ask me, "what do you think the writer's main inspirations were for this film?"  I would immediately say "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Gremlins"  I love both of those movies and maybe that's why Krampus was so entertaining.  Consider Adam Scott Krampus's Clark and David Koechner as Cousin Eddie and you'll get it.  I don't want to spoil any of the film, but Krampus has a lot of entertaining little henchmen/helpers and they are all really cool on screen.  A lot of practical effects were used in the film which make scenes a lot more convincing.  One thing that really stands out in the movie are these Snowmen/Scarecrow hybrids that appear in the yard which were designed by Pumpkinrot.

The director, Michael Dougherty, is not new to the horror genre.  He also directed another one of horror's most fan approved films, Trick R Treat.  What holiday might be his next film be based on?  Arbor Day?  Easter?

Here's why I think Krampus has performed well at the box office, beyond expectations.  First, promotion.  I don't watch a lot of TV, but I saw this trailer everywhere.  You can have a great film, but if the production has no desire to promote it, it will be dead before it even has a chance.  Second, familiar faces.  Adam Scott isn't your typical casting idea for lead in a horror film, but it works.  Fans of comedy will recognize him from Stepbrothers and Adult Swim.  David Koechner?  You know him from everything.  Third, MONSTERS!  Horror fans are tired of seeing the same PG-13 movie spewed out over and over with different names.  The Exorcism of Emily Dickinson, Paranormal Chronicles, The Ghosts of Minnesota, Grumpy Old Ghouls, The Omencipation Proclamation.  We get it, Hollywood loves ghosts and exorcisms.  But as a horror fan, I want more!

And finally, why I think you should go see it.  The first point is easy, because it's good.  It's fun.  It has all the elements you could want of a good horror movie. PG-13 horror is usually pretty cringed upon, but watching this, you won't really even notice.  Sure, there aren't people being torn to shreds and eyeballs shooting out all over the place, but is that what really makes a horror movie good to you?  True fear lies in the imagination.  Another reason you should see it, is just to show the production companies is that these are the kind of movies we WANT to see!  We want good practical effects.  We want good original writing and are tired of seeing the same old recycled ghost flicks.  How many times can we continue to go to the theater to see kitchen cabinets thrown open for 45 minutes?  Lastly, just go see it.  Get a big bucket of popcorn, drench it in butter, and just have fun.  Afterall, that's what you are supposed to do at the theater.

Did you see Krampus already and it got you in the Christmas spirit?  Well head over to the PRODUCTS page and pick out some shirts for your loved ones for Christmas!  Everything is half off from now until Christmas and if you order soon, you will get it in time to wrap it up and place it under the tree!  

End of the year Holiday Sale! Half off!

Are you done Christmas shopping yet?  NO!?  Great, I have the perfect gifts for grandma, uncle Gary, your annoying sister, Woofie the dog and everyone else in your family!  Dead Ink Apparel T-shirts make a GREAT holiday gift!  The recipient of the gift will probably burst into tears of joy when they open the box and feel how soft these shirts are.  

Head over to the products page right now, get any shirt in the lineup for half off!  $10 is cheaper than I get them made for!  

I am working on clearing out this inventory to make room for some great new designs that will be coming in 2016.  A lot of these shirts won't ever be printed again, so snag some while you can!