First and foremost, don't let the trailer deceive you.  Krampus is a horror/comedy, and COMEDY should be in bold letters.  I'm not really a fan of trailer deception, because a movie will lose me if I go into it expecting one genre and get another (Here's a bad example… Dude, Where's My Car.  I went in expecting a regular comedy and got a sci-fi extravaganza that totally lost me)  Now, Adam Scott and David Koechner star in Krampus, so I had already assumed that the movie would be a dark comedy, I just didn't know how much comedy I was in for.  Although there was a lot of comedy, the horror was real.  It was a real nice balance, and in my opinion, horror and comedy go hand in hand.  The fact that it never takes itself too seriously is what makes it fun.

If you were to ask me, "what do you think the writer's main inspirations were for this film?"  I would immediately say "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Gremlins"  I love both of those movies and maybe that's why Krampus was so entertaining.  Consider Adam Scott Krampus's Clark and David Koechner as Cousin Eddie and you'll get it.  I don't want to spoil any of the film, but Krampus has a lot of entertaining little henchmen/helpers and they are all really cool on screen.  A lot of practical effects were used in the film which make scenes a lot more convincing.  One thing that really stands out in the movie are these Snowmen/Scarecrow hybrids that appear in the yard which were designed by Pumpkinrot.

The director, Michael Dougherty, is not new to the horror genre.  He also directed another one of horror's most fan approved films, Trick R Treat.  What holiday might be his next film be based on?  Arbor Day?  Easter?

Here's why I think Krampus has performed well at the box office, beyond expectations.  First, promotion.  I don't watch a lot of TV, but I saw this trailer everywhere.  You can have a great film, but if the production has no desire to promote it, it will be dead before it even has a chance.  Second, familiar faces.  Adam Scott isn't your typical casting idea for lead in a horror film, but it works.  Fans of comedy will recognize him from Stepbrothers and Adult Swim.  David Koechner?  You know him from everything.  Third, MONSTERS!  Horror fans are tired of seeing the same PG-13 movie spewed out over and over with different names.  The Exorcism of Emily Dickinson, Paranormal Chronicles, The Ghosts of Minnesota, Grumpy Old Ghouls, The Omencipation Proclamation.  We get it, Hollywood loves ghosts and exorcisms.  But as a horror fan, I want more!

And finally, why I think you should go see it.  The first point is easy, because it's good.  It's fun.  It has all the elements you could want of a good horror movie. PG-13 horror is usually pretty cringed upon, but watching this, you won't really even notice.  Sure, there aren't people being torn to shreds and eyeballs shooting out all over the place, but is that what really makes a horror movie good to you?  True fear lies in the imagination.  Another reason you should see it, is just to show the production companies is that these are the kind of movies we WANT to see!  We want good practical effects.  We want good original writing and are tired of seeing the same old recycled ghost flicks.  How many times can we continue to go to the theater to see kitchen cabinets thrown open for 45 minutes?  Lastly, just go see it.  Get a big bucket of popcorn, drench it in butter, and just have fun.  Afterall, that's what you are supposed to do at the theater.

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